Stuart Abram is a Chicago teacher and CTU member. He teaches Math, Computer Science, and Robotics at Whitney Young and sponsors six clubs, including Girls Who Code and Lift Moms Lift The World, along with coaching the Robotics and Math Teams. Born in Princeton, NJ, he moved to Chicago in 2002 and earned BAs in Economics and Psychology from the University of Chicago, later obtaining a Masters in Secondary Math Education. Between educational pursuits, Stuart was a professional poker player in Las Vegas. Before becoming a teacher, he built a small business tutoring children on the South Side of Chicago. He has mentored the students of March For Our Lives Chicago in platform development, lobbied Congress for the Poor People’s Campaign, worked with for equitable representation, and knocked on thousands of doors to support Wallace and Biss in Illinois’ Democratic gubernatorial primary. He is currently working to elect advocates for the people to Chicago’s City Council.

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