About Us

After Illinois' the 2018 Primary Election, a group of forward thinking advocates- keenly aware of the disconnect between the progressive community and communities of color- came together to discuss how to better advocate for and successfully promote public policies that benefit ALL communities. We looked at OUR REVOLUTION's ability to change the discourse around healthcare, a living wage and millionaires/billionaires paying their fair share and decided we needed to establish as affiliate with the expressed purpose of connecting the progressive movement and people of color. 

Founding Members


Rep. Litesa Wallace


Sameena Mustafa


Anthony Clark


Martese Chism


Elizabeth Lindquist

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Stuart Abram

We believe all citizens of Illinois can be empowered to fully engage in our democracy,  can define their future, and can usher in real change  in our politics.

Our Mission

Illinois For All, is a multi-city, base-building organization, rooted in local people of color and local Berniecrat communities. Illinois For All is working to build a group of engaged freedom fighter activists and voters, pledging to stand up for Illinois. 


Our Vision

We seek to build a coalition of empowered voters, armed with the tools necessary to support policies and platforms that improve the lives of ALL.

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